Future Firebirds Coaching Selection Process

Excellent coaches are the foundation of any youth sports program.  The Future Firebirds are committed to providing our youth with an outstanding group of volunteer coaches.  Volunteering to coach is a significant commitment of time and we appreciate all who offer their services.  Because the kids come first, we must insist that all coaches in the program agree to the following guidelines:

1. The coach will accept and abide by the club's tryout policies for team selection.

2. The coach will attend the coaching classes provided and to teach the fundamentals as discussed in the training.

3. The coach will concussion training required by the State

4. The coach will permit inquiry by the club to determine suitability to coach children, including a routine police check.

5. The coach will find a parent representative from their team to perform timely administrative duties or will perform them themselves.

6. Volunteering to coach does not assure your child a spot on a future firebird team - he/she will still be subject to the same tryout process as other players.

7. Coaches must sign a "code of conduct" pledge regarding their behavior as representatives of the club and role models for our youth.

The Future Firebirds Board will make final approval of the coaches for each season.  Our goal is to provide the best experience for our youth.  By and large, players will look forward to returning to an environment where there is learning, mutual respect, teamwork, enjoyment, a quest for excellence, and compassion.   Coaches who can create that atmosphere will be sought first.  Because parents are a significant source of volunteer coaching, coaches are not always selected prior to tryouts unless it is clear from past experience which team (if any) the child's skill level would place them on.  Only head coaches are selected prior to tryouts.  The head coach may choose one or two assistant coaches after team selection is complete, but the assistants are also subject all of the coaching conditions above except that the training is optional.

Coaches who apply will be contacted.