Kettering Basketball Club Disciplinary Process

While we hope that behavior of all participants and families is consistant with our club philosophies of integrity, decency, and fair play, there are unfortunately times where incidents occur that need correction for the best interest of all involved.   The following escalating disciplinary policy is in force at all interactions between club families, coaches, and board members including games, practices, meetings, etc.   It is hoped that all issues are resolved in the early stages of this policy rather, but escalating consequences are included to be sure that all parties understand the process and also the authority of the coaches.


The following describes the escalating disciplinary procedures that the club will following after detecting violation to the one or more of the responsibilities in the KBC Family Membership Agreement or the Metro Parent/Player Responsibility Agreement. Specific Metro disciplinary policies within the Metro agreement will take precedent if more severe than those listed below.   After each step, the offense and the disciplinary action taken should be documented by the head coach by sending an email to "".  Provide as much specificity as possible.  Metro violations will be forwarded by the club director to the Metro director.