Future Firebirds Frequently Asked Questions

Question Answer

How much does it cost to play?

$160 for 2015-2016 Fall/Winter Season - Leagues and tournaments vary by team.

Also teams receive uniform to keep, and have access to equal practice time, etc.

When do we pay?

We schedule a date for payment collection shortly after teams are formed.   We will be asking you to sign the required paperwork, collecting a birth certificate copy, and collecting your check made payable to "Kettering Basketball Club" or cash.  Please make every attempt to attend this date.  We also size for uniforms which need to be ordered, so it is important to be there.  If you cannot, it will be your responsibly to follow up and make sure this gets done.

What if we don't have the money by that date? There is no fee to try out, but please try to budget your money so you can pay the fees on the payment date.  We attemptto provide financial assistance to those in short term serious need.  Proof of need will have to be demonstrated.  We also offer payment plans to all by allowing you to divide the payment into up to 4 parts and submitting a check for each portion, post-dating all payments after the first by up to 2 weeks each. 

How far do we have to travel?

Each team plays in one or two leagues.  Most play in the Metro league which has a home and away schedule with each opponent.  Our home games are at JE Prass (boys) and Beavertown (girls) in the new gyms.  Away games are at the opponent's gym.  The farthest of those is probably about 45 minutes depending on where you live.  Most are 15-30 minutes away from Kettering.   Some teams play in the Kingdom league.  In that case, all games are at the Kingdom Sports Complex in Franklin - about a 20 minute drive from Kettering.

When are practices and games?

During the season, the website lists all practices and games.  It's best to check often because there are updates sometime.

What does registering on-line do?

When you register on-line once per season it gives us your latest information and expresses your possible interest in trying out for the Future Firebirds.  It also gives us an early feel for how many kids to expect.  In addition, we can use that information to pre-populate the couple forms we need if you do end up playing for the Future Firebirds.  If you have trouble registering on-line, you can also do it during pre-tryouts or even tryouts, but it's much easier if people have that done in advance.  The information is also made available for the high school and middle school coaches.

When are tryouts?

Tryouts are in very late Sep to early October. 

Watch the website and newspapers for final dates and times.

Do I have to attend both tryouts?

You should attend all tryouts to have the best opportunity to be evaluated.  If you cannot attend a specific tryout because of extenuating circumstances, please let us know in advance.

How does the selection process work?

The tryouts data collected contains three components.  First some objective data is collected regarding how high the player can jump, how fast he/she can sprint, with and without dribbling a ball.  Second, the players run through some drills that are assessed for fundamental basketball skills.  Third, the players play in scrimmage games and their playing ability in game situations is evaluated.   All of those scores are tabulated in a spreadsheet, weighted, and added together to get a final score.  Weuse these scores, in combination with other factors such as past experience with players, behavior during open gyms and tryouts, assessment of player's ability to compete in particular division and the experince that would be best for their development.  The top 13 players (based on score) are shown to the Blue team coach only, who works with the board member to select that team.  Any players in that group that are not selected for that team are included in the top of the next group ing and the process continues for the next lower team (where we have two or more teams).  Players who are not selected are notified by email after all positions are confirmed.

When will we hear if we made a team?

We try to complete the whole process as quickly as possible, normally in a few days,  but it could take up to a week.

How do home game season passes work? We are selling season home game Metro passes this year.  We had the at pictures and they will also be available at the door at the first couple home games at least. In most cases there will be 10 home dates. Regular Metro pricing is $3 per person or $5 per family. We are offering a family pass for $35 (covers immediate family). This is a 30% savings. We have an individual pass for $20, a 33% savings. We also have a parent pass for those where one parent attends at a time. This is also $20 but can be used by either parent. Finally, a golden pass is available for $20 and this gets 2 grandparents in (a 67% savings).

Where can I find the paperwork that I signed at the beginning of the year?

 KBC Family Agreement   Metro Release   Metro Responsibility  Lindsey's Law