Mission Statement
The mission of the Kettering Basketball Club (KBC) is to provide the youth of Kettering and the Kettering School District the opportunity to learn and enjoy basketball at a competitive level. The Club has designed and will implement a program, which will develop skillful play, promote good sportsmanship, team spirit, and club loyalty. The KBC demands a high degree of ethical conduct by all its coaches, players, volunteers, and parents so that it provides a good example for the community, the opponents, and it's participants, thus helping the players in their growth to adulthood. It is the further mission of the KBC to cooperate with the current youth basketball programs operating in Kettering.   The organizations that the club is committed to trying to work with at this time include the Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) program, the YMCA program, the Kettering Recreation Center program operated by the City of Kettering, Fairmont High School and the South Dayton Knights as well as all official junior high and high school teams. We specifically have created an alliance with The Kettering Recreation Complex and the Kettering City Schools to promote development of youth basketball from Kindergarten through High School.

Goals and Objectives
The Board of Directors has adopted the following ten items as it's goals and objectives for each fiscal year:
  1. To maintain a club which promotes basketball for both girls and boys and therefore helps as a feeder program for both local high schools.
  2. To give winning its proper emphasis, yet promote a finer appreciation of the sport for its own sake and not just for winning.
  3. To be financially sound without putting an unreasonable burden on the Club's member families.
  4. To provide at least one team per sex for each of the 3rd 4th 5th and 6th grades, in the Fall/Winter 
  5. To legislate compulsory minimum standards of competency for all coaches.
  6. To maintain a positive rapport with all current, local youth basketball groups.
  7. To maintain the support of both local high schools.
  8. To work closely with the Kettering Board of Education and the City of Kettering
  9. To be a positive force in the local communities.
  10. To promote member family involvement.