The Kettering Basketball Club (Future Firebirds) is committed to fielding boys and girls teams, as interest allows, which will participate in both fall/winter and spring/summer leagues and tournaments.  To date their has been insufficient interest in fielding girls teams in the spring/summer.
  • Winter Season
    Each fall/winter team will be composed of approximately ten (10) members chosen through a tryout procedure, which will take place in September or October. Each team will participate, until early March, in a the Metro league and either a second league or any appropriate tournaments, as approved by the Board of Directors. It is the intention of the Club to provide at least one team per sex for each of the 3rd 4th 5th and 6th grades only, in the Fall/Winter.
  • Spring Season
    The Spring/Summer basketball season is during April and May, with tryouts in March.  During the Spring, only two players from each school team (grades 7 and above) can participate on the same team.    If at all possible, two Kettering boys will be selected for each of these 4 teams.  The 4th, 5th and 6th grade Spring session will be all Kettering City School boys if enough are available and will play leagues and tournaments. 
Priority will be given to children enrolled in Kettering City Schools.  Others will be added only as space permits during each season.

Additional Information:

This Club is for both boys and girls who want to play youth basketball on a competitive level. Organizations such as this are more commonly known as "Select" Basketball Clubs because there is a tryout process that a player must go through in order to be selected for a team. If interest warrants there will be two teams for each grade / per sex. All teams will begin practicing in late October with league games will starting in early December and ending in late February, followed by a season-ending Tournament   The cost for this Fall/Winter season is $160 per player and will include the uniform (shorts and reversable jersey) which the players may keep.    Besides competing in local leagues, the club will be sanctioned by the following national organizations: AAU, YBOA, NYBA, and IYAA so that it's teams can compete in their tournaments. The KBC is recognized by the City of Kettering and the Kettering Board of Education.