Future Firebirds 3rd Grade Girls Blue


Date Opponent League Score Highlights
2/21/2019  JLK Brown - snow make up  Metro  32 - 12  Great regular seasons for these ladies! To see these girls grow, have fun and compete has been great! On to Tournament play! Proud of all these girls! 
2/18/2019  Beavercreek Black  Tournament  23 - 9  Presidentís Day Tournament CHAMPS.If you know basketball, itís more than who scores. These girl play Help D, rotate, switch, call out picks, play physical, and run the floor. It takes a team mentality to do this. Janiyah,Olivia,Cora, Jersey led scorin 
2/17/2019  Bellbrook  Metro  29 - 21  This win felt good for our team! When we play like this, we canít be stopped. This team can play some stiffling defense. GAME BALL to Ansley for her lock down D. Janiyah, Jersey, Brenna and Olivia led our scoring charge. 
2/16/2019  Carlisle  Non-League  30 - 1  Nice win for the Birds! Janiyah, Jersey, Olivia and Kaylin led our scoring charge. Brenna, Cora,Katlynn, and Ansley played great as well. Game to Olivia for playing great offense and Defense. 
2/16/2019  Beavercreek Black  Tournament  28 - 26  Everyone showed Grit and played extremely hard. Janiyah, Jersey and Kaylin led the scoring charge. Jersey nailed the winning shot with 3 seconds left. Game Ball to Janiyah, Olivia, & Jersey. 
2/15/2019  Beavercreek orange   Tournament  29 - 8  Solid start to the tournament. Janiyah, Jersey,Cora and Kaylin led our scoring.Game ball to Cora for being assertive and getting after it on D.  
2/10/2019  Beavercreek  Metro  16 - 13  Really good effort and energy from ALL the girls. Shots werenít falling but the girls fought through it. Janiyah and Jersey led us in scoring. Game ball to Janiyah, she showed lots of grit and toughness. Love seeing the girls always rooting for each othe 
2/9/2019  Springboro  Metro  20 - 19  A win is a win,! However, we were sleep walking through this game. Janiyah, Aven and Mylee led the scoring charge. Game Ball to Brenna. She was scrappy and got after it.She continues to lead our team. 
2/2/2019  Springfield Fire  Metro  35 - 0  Unbelievable team basketball! Janiyah 18, Mylee 5, Cora 4, Jersey 2, Olivia 2, Brenna 2 and Ansley 2 points. Aven and Kaylin were both aggressive and played fantastic! I loved the girls energy and focus!  
2/2/2019  JLK Brown  Metro  24 - 14  Solid game for our girls. Game ball went to Jersey for showing a lot of grit while leading the scoring charge with 12 pts. Jersey,Janiyah, Cora,Mylee, And Aven led the scoring charge. 
1/12/2019  JLK White  Metro  37 - 16  Offense looked solid. We havenít even scratched the surface of what we are capable of. Game ball to Kaylin, she poured in 6 pts. and played great defense, she got after it. Janiyah,Jersey, Kaylin, Cora and Brenna led our scoring. 
1/5/2019  Franklin  Non-League  16 - 4  The Girls were swarming to the ball again-incredible help defense. Game ball to Jersey, she chipped in 6 points and played great D. Janiyah balanced out our scoring.  
12/30/2018  Bellbrook  Tournament  16 - 11  The girls handled their business- Beavercreek Xmas tournament Champions. ALL the girls showed poise and guts. Janiyah did it on both ends of the floor scoring 14 while Jersey scored 2. Game ball to Janiyah, she put us on her shoulders. 
12/29/2018  Beavercreek  Tournament  21 - 20  This was too close for comfort. a narrow victory. Janiyah, Jersey, Olivia and Cora led us in scoring. Game ball to Brenna, she is our leader. 
12/29/2018  Bellbrook  Tournament  26 - 22  Great basketball game. Janiyah went off for 20 points and Cora sealed the deal with her 2 points in the last seconds- Katlynn earned the game ball for her great defense and scoring a big basket. Jersey added 2 pts. 
12/28/2018  Troy  Tournament  26 - 6  Great all around effort by the team. Solid Defense. Janiyah,Jersey, Brenna, and Mylee led the scoring charge. Game ball went to Olivia, she played selflessly and incredible defensive, she is really growing. 
12/22/2018  JLK Brown  Non-League  21 - 5  Brenna continues to be our vocal leader! Janiyah, Jersey, Ansley and Cora led us in scoring. Katlynn/Olivia/Mylee stepped up big time with great team D which led the Birds shutting out JLK in the 2nd half. 
12/15/2018  Springboro  Metro  34 - 30  WOW! Down 22-8 after 3 Qtrs. The Birds woke up and dominated with a win in OT. Janiyah, 27 pts. Jersey 5 all in OT and Mylee with 2. Effort and heart defines these girls! EVERY girl contributed! 
12/15/2018  Beavercreek  Metro  27 - 19  Janiyah, Jersey and Aven led in scoring. ALL the girls continue to contribute. Great effort! 
12/8/2018  JLK White  Metro  32 - 6  This team can run and score! More proud of the Defensive effort. Brenna was our vocal leader!! Letís go Birds! 
12/8/2018  Springfield Fire  Metro  36 - 4  Great efforts by ALL the girls. Ansleyís defense set the tone for this Birdís victory!  



Date Opponent League Score Highlights
1/19/2019  Bellbrook  Metro  21 - 20  Tough loss for us. Effort was certainly there, it just wasnít our day. Janiyah, Aven, Katlynn And Jersey led in scoring. Game ball to the team for sticking together as a team. 




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