Future Firebirds 4th Grade Boys Blue


Date Opponent League Score Highlights
2/17/2019  Bellbrook  Metro  27 - 13  Excellent way to end the regular season! Defense was great! Our offense is getting stuck from time to time not working the ball enough.  
2/10/2019  Centerville  Metro  20 - 16  Hard fought game against a very good basketball team! We had a 12 point lead we let evaporate in the second half. Logan secured the win from the free throw line. Way to go Birds!  
2/9/2019  CJ Eagles  Metro  37 - 21  We played great!! Our defense was perfect!! Logan heíd 11 points and was the motor on defense!! Connor had a phenomenal game with 8 points. We played a great basketball game all around! 
2/2/2019  Miamisburg  Metro  35 - 13  Huge team win!! We all played well! Our defense was the best itís been all year! Offensively we sputtered at times against the 2-3 zone. Attacking the rim is what won.. Brett had 10 points,mordecai had 9. Logan did a great job of forcing the ball where we 
1/26/2019  Waynesville Orange  Non-League  20 - 15  We didnít play well at all! Somehow managed to get the win though! Way to go Birds! 
1/20/2019  South Dayton Knights  Metro  26 - 24  We played a good second half. In first half we missed 6 easy layups, and turned the ball over. We shot 1-20 from the free throw line horrible!! It caused the games to be closer than it had to be. Logan had 12 and the play of the game stealing the ball wit 
1/13/2019  Springboro  Metro  25 - 17  Our defense did a good job! Logan had 13 points! Mordecai has 10 rebounds!  
1/12/2019  Centerville  Metro  26 - 25  We couldnít do anything right in the first half! We made some defensive adjustments and turned it around. We showed grit and heart! Mordecai with the bucket at the buzzer sealed the deal! Doty and Brett had 6 points! Kolby has 4 steals! Carter banged down 
1/6/2019  CJ Eagles  Metro  27 - 14  Great game! We controlled the game from start to finish!  
1/5/2019  West Carrollton  Metro  36 - 10  We played a solid game! We had 9 different players score! Logan , jadney, and mordecai all had 6 apiece. Nice first game back after the long time off! 
12/28/2018  Centerville   Tournament  36 - 22  We played a great game! Brett had 6 points and 6 assists!!! Mordecai pulled down 16 rebounds! And carter had 6 points! Solid effort by the birds in our second game of the night. 
12/28/2018  Bellbrook   Tournament  22 - 16  Hard win! Had to hang on in the 4th quarter. We donít understand the importance of our end game possessions.  
12/27/2018  Waynesville   Tournament  22 - 16  We pulled out the win! Played very poorly in 4th quarter. The score doesnít reflect how well we did attacking the rim. We shot very bad on layups. Mordecai had 8 points and 15 rebounds!! Brett added 8! Great teamwork! Nice passing! Just gotta make layups! 
12/22/2018  South Dayton Knights  Metro  35 - 22  Solid game!! We gave up a lot of offensive boards. Logan had 8 rebounds and 8 points! Mordecai has 7 boards and 6 points. Nice team win!! 
12/16/2018  West Carrollton  Metro  38 - 18  Great game!! We worked very hard on defense held them to 10 points through 3 quarters. Logan had 12 points and 3 steals! Connor and Noah had 6 points. Mordecai has 5 points and 11 boards today!! Great game birds!! 
12/9/2018  Miamisburg  Metro  35 - 30  Solid game by the boys! Turnovers allowed for the other team to hang around and push us to overtime! We pulled out a gritty win! Luke and Brett both had 7 points, carter had 6. Everyone scored in the game! Mordecai has 10 boards! We shot 9 for 26 from the 
12/8/2018  Springboro  Metro  25 - 13  We played a solid defensive game! Still room to improve! Brett led the way with 8 points! Kolby and carter both had 4!  
12/1/2018  Bellbrook  Metro  21 - 10  We played a good defensive game! Mordecai owned the boards! He also led the way with 8 points and went 4 for 4 from the line! Brett had 4 points and had some nice pass deflections! John, Carter,Logan, Noah all had 2 points 



Date Opponent League Score Highlights
2/16/2019  Vandalia Purple  Non-League  32 - 21  We gave up 22 second chance points. We didnít box out at all! We did a good job of forcing bad shots. But then we didnít secure the boards. 
1/27/2019  Centerville Black  Non-League  25 - 18  We played a solid game! We missed 13 layups! Our defense kept us in the game even when we couldnít make a basket!  
1/19/2019  Oakwood  Metro  28 - 25  We played decent game. Logan made a 3 with 38 seconds left to put us up 25-24. A mistake on defense gave them a layup to take the lead. We didnít play good help or box out. 
12/29/2018  Northmont   Tournament  36 - 26  We did not play well! No help defense, no communication, no energy, and to many turnovers!  
12/15/2018  Centerville Black  Non-League  26 - 18  We played strong most of game. Led all the way up until 3:45 to go.we turned the ball over 6 times in the 4th and that sealed our fate plus we took jump shots instead of getting to the rim. 




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