Future Firebirds 4th Grade Boys Grey


Date Opponent League Score Highlights
2/13/2021  Enon  Metro  13 - 10  We ended the regular season on a 3-game win streak and played our best defensive game of the season! This win was a complete team effort as we were able to shut down a good offensive team. Scoring were Bennett (6), Jett (5), and Cole O.(2) 
2/7/2021  Carroll  Metro  25 - 18  Another great team win. The team played good defense, moved the ball well, and had five different players score (Cole O., Cam, Jett, Cole W., and Bennett). A shout out to Jett for leading the team with 8 points!  
2/6/2021  Springboro 4th Grade Boys Grey  Non-League  21 - 6  Awesome defense, strong offensive second-half, and great team play led to the win. Brennan, Cole O., Cam, and Carter all scored, but a special shout out to Jett for great hustle and leading the scoring with 6 pts.  
1/23/2021  Oakwood Lumberjacks  Metro  35 - 26  Our best game of the season so far! Excellent teamwork, highest point total, and awesome individual effort from Bennett! (18 points/29 rebounds)  
1/23/2021  Fairborn  Metro  25 - 22  Another great team win! Bennett led the scoring with 11 points (10 in the 1st quarter!). Thunder (Cole O.) followed with 6 points!  
1/2/2021  Xenia Elite  Metro  17 - 15  It wasn't the prettiest of wins, but the boys held on to win a tight game against Xenia. A shout out to Carter for leading the scoring with 7 points.  
12/20/2020  Carroll  Metro  24 - 19  Great team win! Six different players scored, with Carter and Cole O. leading the scoring with 6 points each! 
12/5/2020  Xenia Elite  Metro  32 - 14  Scoring: Velde: 16 LeWallen: 6 Beck: 4 Otten: 4 McNeely: 2 Great job today. The boys played great defense, rebounded extremely well, and most important, played as a team. A special shout out to Carter for scoring 16 points! 



Date Opponent League Score Highlights
2/6/2021  Beavercreek Orange  Metro  19 - 10  The team played strong defense for the first 3 quarters, but really struggled on offense. A shout out to Brennan, Cam, Jett, and Bennett for scoring.  
1/31/2021  Fairborn  Metro  20 - 18  The team played hard and showed a lot of heart in a tough road loss. Shout out to Bennett and Cole O. for leading the scoring with 7 pts. each.  
1/30/2021  SDK Brown  Non-League  23 - 14  The team played good defense, only allowing 7 second-half points. The scoring was led by Bennett with 8 pts. and Jett with 4 pts. 
1/24/2021  Legacy Christian  Metro  20 - 10  The team struggled to put up offense in the 2nd half and lost to a tough Xenia Legacy team.  
1/16/2021  Bellbrook Gold  Metro  19 - 9  Although it wasn't a win, it was definitely the team's best defensive game of the season. The team held Bellbrook to 6 pts. in the second-half (0 pts. in the 3rd quarter!) 
1/10/2021  Beavercreek Orange  Metro  30 - 20  The score in no way reflects the team's effort today. The boys played their hearts out and lost to a good Beavercreek team. A shout out to Bennett for leading the scoring with 9 points! 
1/9/2021  Legacy Christian  Metro  25 - 19  Baskets were hard to come by in the first half, so we had to play catch-up the rest of the game. A shout out to Jett, though, who led the offense with 8 points! 
12/20/2020  Bellbrook Gold  Metro  29 - 10  The team played hard, but just couldn't put up enough points to beat a good Bellbrook team. Shout out to Carter for hitting a 3-pointer in today's game! 
12/19/2020  Oakwood Lumberjacks  Metro  21 - 19  Tough loss today. We started slow; however, the boys really picked it up from the 2nd quarter on. A shout out to Lucas for leading the scoring with 6 points! 
12/6/2020  Enon  Metro  26 - 20  Scoring: LeWallen: 8 Beck: 4 Velde: 4 McNeely: 2 Wireman: 2 The team played well, despite a lot of factors beyond their control. The coaches continue to be proud of their never give up attitude and quickness in learning new plays. Shout outs to Be 
11/22/2020  Tipp City White  Tournament  20 - 13   
11/21/2020  Ohio Legends  Tournament  66 - 0   
11/20/2020  Bellbrook Gold  Tournament  35 - 14   




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