Future Firebirds 6th Grade Boys Blue


Date Opponent League Score Highlights
2/19/2023  Beavercreek Black  Tournament  45 - 39  The Birds won an overtime thriller to stay alive in the President's weekend tournament. Q led the way with 22, JC had 9, Theo 7, Brennan, Vincent, and Carter scored 2 each and Reid had 1.  
2/18/2023  Beavercreek Orange  Tournament  47 - 23  The Firebirds turned up the intensity to earn a big win to start off the President's day tournament at Bales. Jake led the way with 17, Quentin had 13, JC had 6, Brennan 4, Theo 3 and Bennett and Carter had 2 each.  
2/11/2023  Eaton  Metro  42 - 26  The Birds tightened up their "D" to earn the league win. Quentin had his best game of the year on both ends scoring 17 and shutting down Eaton's leading scorer to just 2 points. JC added 10, Jake 7, Carter and Theo 3 and Bennett with 2 for the Birds.  
2/5/2023  Eaton  Metro  40 - 25  The Birds again had to overcome a first half deficit for the come back win versus Eaton. Jake had 13, Q had 12, Brennan had 6, Theo, JC, Bennett and Carter had 2 each. Reid rounded out the scoring with 1 point.  
2/5/2023  Bellbrook Gold  Metro  44 - 35  The Birds came flying back after half time to outscore the Eagles 22-6 in the 3rd quarter. Jake had 16, Carter had his best game of the year with 11, Q had 8, JC 7 and Theo 2 in the win.  
1/21/2023  Bellbrook Gold  Metro  32 - 15  The Birds played shut down defense in the second half to earn the win over the Eagles. The team outscored the Eagles 21-3 in the second half. Jake had 15, Q 10, JC 5 and Theo 2 for the Firebirds.  
1/15/2023  Trotwood White  Metro  33 - 28  The Firebirds pulled out a tough win at Trotwood. Jake led a balanced scoring attack with 13. Theo had 8, JC 6, Quentin 5 and Carter 1 for the win.  
1/14/2023  Oakwood Jacks  Metro  39 - 30  All Birds contributed in a 39-30 win over Oakwood. Brennan had his best game of the year scoring 8 points. Jake had 12, JC 8, Theo 4, Bennett 3, Cole 2, and Carter and Q one each.  
1/14/2023  Dixie  Metro  30 - 28  The Firebirds rode solid defense and a great start to earn a tough win over Dixie. Jake led the way with 15, JC had 9, Quentin 4 and Carter 2 for the Birds.  
1/7/2023  Xenia Elite Blue  Metro  31 - 26  The Birds pulled out the second half of back to back wins against a tough Xenia team. Jake led the way with 15, Quentin had 10 and JC scored 6 for the Birds. Overall, the team played great team defense to earn the win.  
12/18/2022  Xenia Elite Blue  Metro  31 - 22  The Birds avenged an early season loss to a good Xenia team playing solid defense to earn the win. Jake led the way with 9 points, Quentin had 7, Carter 6, Reid 3 and Theo 2 for the Birds.  
12/17/2022  Trotwood White  Metro  40 - 31  The Birds played outstanding defense for three quarters and then gutted out a win against a good Trotwood team. Jake led the way with 14, JC and Q had 8 each, Carter scored 6, Reid and Bennett tallied 2 each.  
12/10/2022  Oakwood Jacks  Metro  35 - 12  The Birds notched their best defensive game of the year overwhelming Oakwood for the win. Quentin and Jake scored 11 each, Carter added 5, Vincent, JC, and Bennett each scored 2 for the Birds.  
11/25/2022  Beavercreek Orange  Tournament  39 - 28  The Birds Opened the season with a win. Jake led the way with 15, Quentin scored 11, Carter 7, JC 4 and Bennett 2 for the Birds to open the Stars Thanksgiving tournament.  



Date Opponent League Score Highlights
2/18/2023  Sidney  Tournament  47 - 36  The Birds defense couldn't hold a first half lead falling to Sidney in pool play in the President's day tournament. Jake led the way with 12, Q had 10, Theo and Carter 5, JC 4 for the Birds.  
2/4/2023  Dayton Airmen   Non-League  30 - 27  The Birds lost 3 straight again unable to climb back from a slow start. The second half rally fell short against the Airmen. Jake had 13, JC 8, Q 5, and Brennan 1 for the Birds.  
1/29/2023  Dixie  Metro  41 - 36  It was a tough day for the Birds falling to Dixie. Q led the way with 15, JC had 7, Theo 6, Jake and Carter 4 each.  
1/28/2023  Mad River  Metro  42 - 40  The Birds dug to deep a hole in the first half but couldn't finish it out falling to Mad River. Down 21-11 at half, the Birds briefly took the lead, but couldn't hold on. JC led the way with 14, Jake 10, Theo, Reid and Carter had 2 each.  
12/6/2022  Mad River  Metro  38 - 32  The Birds couldn't stop the drive in this one and it led to a close loss to Mad River. JC had his best game of the year with 19 points. Jake added 8, Carter 3 and Theo 2 in the loss.  
12/3/2022  Xenia  Non-League  38 - 35  The Firebirds let this one slip away after three great quarters. Tough defense had the Birds up 24-20 after three quarters. Xenia then exploded for 18 points in the 4th quarter. Jake had 17, Quentin 12, JC and Carter had 3 each.  
11/27/2022  Beavercreek Black  Tournament  39 - 19  The Birds ended there preseason tournament with a tough loss to Beavercreek. They looked worn out in this one. Jake let the way with 6, JC and Theo had 4 each, Bennett and Carter each chipped in 2 for the Birds.  
11/26/2022  Valley View  Tournament  31 - 25  The Birds couldn't overcome a slow start and fell to Valley View in tournament play. Jake scored 11, JC 6, Bennett 4, Reid and Theo had 2 each. They showed improvement in the second half scoring 17.  




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