Future Firebirds 2nd Grade Boys


Date Opponent League Score Highlights
2/13/2021  FF 3rd grade grey  Metro  21 - 10  The boys were knocking down shots and earned their first win of the season in a hard-fought battle of the Firebirds. Bryce led with a season-high 12 points and Gavriel added 7. 



Date Opponent League Score Highlights
2/6/2021  Beavercreek Black  Metro  41 - 10  Showing a lot of improvement in moving the ball against a good Beavercreek team. Michael led with 4 points and Gavriel, Bryce and Mason added a basket each. 
1/30/2021  Miamisburg  Non-League  19 - 11  Firebirds put together a strong team effort from beginning to end. Bryce led with 5, Mason added 4, and Michael added 2. Ben and Gavin forced several jump balls with good help defense. Ozzy's passing led to several open shots. 
1/24/2021  Springboro Blue  Metro  34 - 8  Firebirds showed improved effort against a solid Springboro team. Gavriel and Mason had 3 points each and Bryce added 2. 
1/16/2021  Northmont Green  Metro  31 - 4  Struggled to rebound the ball against a balanced Northmont team. Michael and Bryce both scored 2. 
1/16/2021  Huber Heights Red  Metro  15 - 6  Firebirds showed much improvement from last week's game against Huber Heights, holding them to 15 points with more help defense and steals. Mason led with 4 points and Bryce added 2. 
1/10/2021  Huber Heights Red  Metro  25 - 6  Started off strong in the first half but Huber Heights forced a lot of turnovers that led to easy lay-ups on the other end in the second. Gavriel had 3 points, Michael added 2 and Bryce added 1. 
1/9/2021  Beavercreek Black  Metro  35 - 4  A well-rounded Beavercreek team played tight defense and moved the ball on offense. Gavriel and Blake chipped in 2 each. 
1/9/2021  Believe In You  Metro  25 - 2  Started to show some improvement on the defensive end. Gavin led with 2 points. 
1/2/2021  Bellbrook  Metro  26 - 2  Bellbrook's ability to get to the basket was tough to stop for us. Mason led with 2 points. 
12/20/2020  Northmont Green  Metro  38 - 11  Tough loss against a good Northmont team. Firebirds again showed improvement in second half rebounding and ball movement. Mason led with 6 points. Saif added two blocks and Julius made some great passes. 
12/19/2020  Springboro Blue  Metro  27 - 6  Lost the rebounding battle and allowed Springboro to score most of their points off second chances. Showed some improvement in the second half. Mason led the way with 4 points and Gavriel added 2. 
12/5/2020  Believe In You  Metro  42 - 3  Tough first game against a strong BNU team. 




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