Future Firebirds 4th Grade Girls Blue


Date Opponent League Score Highlights
2/12/2023  Northmont  Metro  21 - 14  The Birds pulled away in a physical game against Northmont. Stella led the way with 7 points, Avery had 6, Adalyn and Annabelle had 4 each.  
2/12/2023  Springboro Blue  Metro  15 - 10  The Birds earned their 3rd league win on the weekend with a solid defensive effort versus Springboro. Stella led the way with 6 points, Avery had 5, Claire and Adalyn scored 2 each.  
2/11/2023  Northmont  Metro  17 - 9  The Birds rode solid team defense to a win over Northmont. Avery scored 10 points, Stella had 5 and Gianna scored 2 to pace the Birds.  
1/21/2023  Waynesville Black  Metro  24 - 23  The Birds played three solid quarters and hung on in the 4th to earn the league win. Avery scored 12 points, Gianna and Annabelle had 4 each and Adalyn scored 2 for the Birds.  
1/8/2023  Huber Heights Red  Metro  12 - 8  The Firebirds came from behind and played shutout defense in the second half to earn a tough road win over Wayne. Avery led the way with 7 points. Stella and Annabelle had 2 each and Adalyn scored 1.  
12/17/2022  Springboro Blue  Metro  20 - 16  The Birds beat a very good Springboro team 20-16. Avery had 10, Hattie 6, Adalyn and Annabelle scored 2 each for the Birds.  
12/10/2022  Bellbrook Purple  Metro  21 - 15  The Birds again rode solid defense to earn a win over a good Bellbrook team. Avery scored 13, Gianna 4, Adalyn, Kinley Annabelle had 2 each. Adalyn played some tough, aggressive defense in the paint for the Birds.  
12/3/2022  Huber Heights Red  Metro  18 - 12  The Birds overcame a slow start to earn the win. Avery led the way with 11, Stella added 5, Hattie chipped in 2 for the win. The Birds played solid defense throughout holding Huber Heights to just 12 points.  



Date Opponent League Score Highlights
2/4/2023  Beavercreek Black  Metro  18 - 16  The Firebirds couldn't quite complete the comeback against Beavercreek. Gianna had her best game of the year with 7 points, Annabelle had 4, Adalyn and Hattie had 2 each and Avery scored 1 for the Birds.  
12/18/2022  Beavercreek Black  Metro  16 - 15  The Firebirds came up just one point short to a good Beavercreek team. Hattie led the way with 6 points, Kinley had 5, Annabelle and Gianna had 2 each for the Birds.  
12/4/2022  Waynesville Black  Metro  24 - 22  The Birds again started slow and this time clawed back to overtime, but couldn't earn the win. Hattie led the way with 8 points, Avery scored 6, Kinley 4 and Annabelle and Stella had 2 each. Free throws sunk the Birds making just 2 of 16 in 4th quarter an 




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