Future Firebirds 5th Grade Girls Blue


Date Opponent League Score Highlights
2/13/2021  Bellbrook Purple  Metro  31 - 15   
2/7/2021  Goshen Durbin  Metro  40 - 11   
2/6/2021  Brookville  Metro  36 - 15   
1/30/2021  Springboro 5th Grade Girls Blue  Non-League  23 - 18   
1/23/2021  Miami Valley Storm  Non-League  43 - 14   
1/23/2021  Little Miami Green  Metro  26 - 15   
1/17/2021  Northmont   Tournament  29 - 8  The girls were locked in. Janiyah, Cora, Aybrie, Mylee, Kaylee and Jersey led our scoring. Ali and Charlotte played really well and continue to contribute in a big way. Brenna had some big rebounds and played great defense. 
1/17/2021  Beavercreek Black  Tournament  27 - 18  MLK CHAMPIONS. We got down big early and clawed our way back and trailed 12-11 at half. Our lock down defense showed up in the 2nd half, held Beavercreek to 6 second half points. Janiyah, Cora. Jersey, Kaylee led our scoring. Proud of ALL the girls. 
1/17/2021  Springboro Blue  Metro  32 - 14  The defensive IQ of this team is impressive. We work on the defensive side at practice as much as we do offensively. Held Springboro to 8 points in the 1st half and 6 points in the 2nd. Janiyah, Jersey, Mylee, Kaylee and Aybrie led our scoring. 
1/16/2021  Spitfire  Tournament  38 - 22  Great team win. Close game at half, but the Birds found another gear in the 2nd half. Janiyah, Jersey, Cora, Mylee, Ali and Charlotte led our scoring charge. When these girls are locked in on defense, they are tough to beat. 
1/16/2021  Sycamore   Tournament  31 - 20  The Birds came out focused and ready to compete. Got up 6-0 in the first few minutes of the game and never looked back. The defense was smothering. Janiyah, Mylee, Jersey, Kaylee and Cora led the scoring. 
1/9/2021  Loveland San Marco  Metro  47 - 12  Girls continue to play really strong basketball. Janiyah 21, Jersey 11, Cora 9 and Mylee 6. Ali,Charlotte,Aybrie played some strong basketball. As usual, Brenna and Kaylee controlled the paint. 
1/9/2021  Beavercreek Black  Metro  28 - 25  Another slugfest with Beavercreek. These games are a battle. Our girls were down by 7 in the 3rd but chipped away to win by 3. Cora drained a 3 with the game tied at 23. Mylee, Janiyah, Jersey and Cora led our scoring. 
1/2/2021  Ohio Crush 6th grade  Non-League  37 - 31  The girls took down a 6th grade team. The entire competed. Janiyah had 16, Jersey 7, Mylee 7, Cora 4, Ali 2 and Aybrie 1.  
12/31/2020  Next Level  Tournament  46 - 29  TOURNAMENT Champs. 4th championship this season. The girls got up quickly again, 22-10 at half. Janiyah exploded for 27, Jersey 10, Cora 5, Mylee 3 and Aybrie 1. The defense was smothering. 
12/29/2020  N KY Elite  Tournament  44 - 21  Girls came ready to play. We got up 22-9 at half and we never slowed down. Jersey had the hot hand, led our scoring with 19. Janiyah, Cora, Mylee and Kaylee rounded out our scoring. 
12/27/2020  Batesville Bulldogs  Tournament  40 - 7  Defense and offense were both clicking for this game. Jersey,Mylee, Cora, and Janiyah led our scoring charge. 
12/27/2020  Cincy Chaos  Tournament  25 - 24  Another gritty win for the girls. Again, the defense was the difference maker. Jersey led our scoring with 14. Followed by Cora with 6 and Mylee 5. Charlotte and Aybrie were great on defense. Brenna and Kaylee controlled the paint. 
12/27/2020  Dublin Flash  Tournament  25 - 18  The girls are playing some really good basketball. Charlotte and Aybrie’s defense is aggressive and they are looking for their shot. Jersey, Janiyah, Brenna and Mylee led our scoring. 
12/27/2020  Beavercreek Black  Tournament  29 - 25  By far the most competitive game we have had this season. From the tip the game was back and forth. Both teams played tough and competitive. Jersey, Janiyah, Cora, Mylee and Kaylee led our scoring. 
12/27/2020  Lakota Flight  Tournament  30 - 22  Tournament champions. This is our 3rd tournament championship of the year. The girls found another gear on defense and got up to a 23-7 lead at halftime. Jersey, Janiyah, Cora, Mylee and Kaylee led our scoring. 
12/26/2020  N KY Elite  Tournament  19 - 17  These girls have no quit in them. Down at half and then came back and won in overtime. Jersey, Cora and Mylee led our scoring. Jersey hit big bucket in OT and our team defense was on point. 
12/26/2020  Centerville   Tournament  23 - 22  The girls were running on fumes for this game. Again, they kept playing hard and showed a lot of determination. Jersey, Cora, Mylee and Kaylee led our scoring efforts. 
12/20/2020  Cincy Steal  Tournament  27 - 18  Tournament champions! The girls game ready to play, jumped out to a 21-5 lead at half and never looked back. Janiyah, Jersey, Mylee and Cora led our scoring charge. 
12/20/2020  Sycamore Christerson  Metro  37 - 26  This was is tough game. We played a very good Sycamore team. The girls fought back from getting down 8-2 in the first several minutes and down at half and went on a big 2nd half run. Janiyah, Brenna, Mylee, and Jersey led us in scoring. 
12/19/2020  Springboro Blue  Metro  27 - 16  The girls came out ready to compete, up 16-5 at halftime. When this team is playing defense like they can, they are lights out. Janiyah, Jersey, Mylee and Brenna led our scoring punch. 
12/19/2020  Miamisburg   Tournament  47 - 3  Great win! Janiyah and Cora in double figures with scoring. Jersey, Mylee, Aybrie and Charlotte rounded out our scoring. Jersey and Mylee had some sharp assists and Kaylee, Brenna, and Ali showed up with tough defense. 
12/18/2020  Cincy Steal  Tournament  42 - 20  Girls played hard and everyone contributed! We are still learning how to compete on every possession. Jersey and Janiyah went off for 17 and 15 pts. Charlotte, Ali,Aybrie, and Mylee rounded out our scoring efforts. 
11/22/2020  Tipp City  Tournament  32 - 22  Birds got out to a fast start, 15-5 at half, but Tipp came out strong in the 2nd half. Our girls finished strong to move on to the championship game. Janiyah, Cora, Brenna and Mylee led our scoring charge. 
11/22/2020  Where2Next  Tournament  39 - 35  Bales Preseason Tournament CHAMPIONS.This was a super competitive game. Janiyah, Cora, Mylee and Jersey led our scoring. Jersey drained 3 threes in the 2nd half which gave us a huge boost. 
11/21/2020  Greenon  Tournament  35 - 11  The girls are still trying to find their rhythm. When these Birds put together a full game, watch out! Balanced scoring, Jersey, Kaylee,Aybrie,Brenna, Janiyah & Mylee led our scoring. Ali, Charlotte & Cora’s D helped us to a16-3 2nd half.  
11/20/2020  Springboro Blue  Tournament  19 - 18  First game of the year at Bales preseason tournament. The girls effort was there and it was nice to get the first game under our belt. Janiyah and Mylee led our scoring charge. The girls will keep growing this season.  



Date Opponent League Score Highlights
12/26/2020  Springboro  Tournament  18 - 16  Tough loss for the girls. Extremely proud of how the played. This is a gritty team. Mylee, Cora, Brenna and Jersey led our scoring. Team defense again was impressive. 




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